I am Vincent Rang, an Amsterdam based artist. Born in 1989, I grew up in four different continents. I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art and eventually made Amsterdam my home.

My process is often a journey led by an open-minded curiosity, using intuition and the subconscious as my compass, never knowing where I will end up. I often repeat the creative act over and over and over until it feels right, or a narrative, however abstract, is uncovered.   

This curiosity is often directed towards the natural ocurring patterns happening all around us. I observe, capture and re-arrange these various dances of life, from wind patterns, water currents, blooming flowers, landscapes and rock formations, to create abstract audio-visual experiences, which offer the viewer enough space to find their own truth and interpretation in the work, and most importantly, to feel them.

selected exhibitions and performances

2020 - ADE x Minmal Sounds live a/v @ Nxt Museum
2020 - Home (a/v) Chapter 5 @ Fiber Festival
2020 - Tornado Dance @ Waking Life Festival
2020 - Home (live a/v) @ Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
2020 - Live Visuals @ Astral Industries 9128.live Takeover
2020 - Flux3116 @ The New Current in Rotterdam

2019 - Pillars Of Creation (live) @ MACA for Museumnight

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