Vincent Rang (1989) is an experimental visual artist working primarily with moving image as a medium. He believes in the power of moving image and audio as a door into another world. He explores themes of scale, time experience, natural patters and symbiosis with audio.

His gaze is often directed towards the natural dances of life. He observes, captures and re-arranges these various patterns, from wind patterns, water currents, blooming flowers, landscapes and rock formations, to create abstract audio-visual experiences, offering the viewer enough space to find their own truth and interpretation in the work, and most importantly, to feel them.

His latest ongoing project ‘Pillars Of Creation’ focuses around a water-filled aquarium in which he creates a live choreography using various materials such as inks, plants and light, which he captures with a macro camera and then projects it on a large screen, creating mesmerizing larger than life living paintings. This project led to the creating of Home, a live audio-visual show which he performed in Het muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ and the Nxt Museum.

selected exhibitions and performances

2022 - MONOLITH Installation Premiere @ Moving Arts Centre (MACA), Amsterdam

2021 - Wildernoord @ Schemerlicht Festival, Nijmegen
2021 - Wildernoord @ Fiber Festival, Amsterdam
2021 - Home (live a/v) @ Doornroosje, Nijmegen
2021 - Home (live a/v) @ TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

2020 - ADE x Minmal Sounds live a/v @ Nxt Museum
2020 - Home (a/v) Chapter 5 @ Fiber Festival
2020 - Tornado Dance @ Waking Life Festival
2020 - Home (live a/v) @ Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
2020 - Live Visuals @ Astral Industries Takeover
2020 - Flux3116 @ The New Current in Rotterdam

2019 - Pillars Of Creation (live) @ MACA for Museumnight

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