Ephemeral Paintings (2019-)

Ephemeral Paintings is an ongoing project, which is a live audio-visual experience that takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey. In this journey, visual compositions and musical soundscapes work together to evoke a range of emotions. From a warm, meditative dreamlike state to the deep, dark and unknown.

The paintings are created live inside a water filled aquarium, with inks, lights and organic matter. A camera with a macro lens captures it and is then projected onto a large screen, creating a mesmerizing effect as the tiniest details become larger than life.

The soundscapes range from ambient and experimental to deeper beats, depending on who I collaborate with, and together, the visuals and soundscapes react to form a constantly evolving process that is created by the natural interplay of water and gravity, always creating a unique live show in the process.

Below is a selection of paintings and stills.

Ephemeral Painting #2

Ephemeral Painting #3

Live Session

Some captured stills, in chronological order (2019-2022)