Flux3116 (2020)

Flux3116 is an art installation exhibited at @the_new_current in Rotterdam, which I worked on in collaboration with @jochemesser and @boris.acket. It’s one of those projects where the stars aligned, as it overlaps with my own personal work in many ways. I am grateful for the interesting and insightful conversations that we had during the testing and making of the installation, as well as the organic process in which we allowed the concept to grow and show itself as we were making it. It was an absolute pleasure to part of this adventure.

Throughout the making of the work, a quote by the early 20th-century French philosopher Henri Bergson popped up. In his critique of Einstein, Bergson stated that we have ‘temps’ (scientific/rationalised time) on the one hand and ‘durée’ (duration or lived time) on the other hand. He claimed that there are infinite many rhythms that make up the passing of time of the world and that scientific time, or ‘temps’, is only one of them.

To me our work reflects on this way of looking at time. The different layers of the work seem to try and show the viewer not only the linear - but also the abstract experience of the clock. And the beauty that comes with patience.

Flux3116 (2020)
Jochem Esser, Boris Acket and Vincent Rang