Triadic Memories (2020)

Pianist Helena Basilova introduced me to her performance of Morton Feldman’s Triadic Memories. I was very inspired by the music, as it’s something very different from what I usually do and had no idea what it would inspire visually.

I also liked how the music reflected our current times. The notes just seem to be there, without beginning, middle or end. You’re waiting for something to happen, but not exactly sure what, and just like us, the music seems in a constant floating state.

Feldman once likened his music to aimlessly walking the streets of Berlin, ‘where all the buildings look alike, even if they’re not’. So I went on aimless midnight walks while listening to the music, and one night, I captured the dancing reflections of the moon and street lights on the canals.  

Triadic Memories (2020)
Composition by Morton Feldman
Performed by Helena Basilova
Visuals by Vincent Rang

Some stills below